Railcar Sales & Acquisitions

Infinity has been an active buyer of assets in the secondary marketplace since 2004 and has worked with shippers, banks, railroads, passive owners, and operating lessors with discrete transactions. We’ve earned a strong reputation due to our collaborative approach, ease of execution, and our determination to always find a path forward with a purchase.
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Direct Asset Sale

Have an idle group of cars, a lease purchase option, or happen to be a bank with near term lease expiration?
Explore our acquisition options.
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    Sale Leaseback

    If you own railcars and are looking for an avenue to redeploy capital internally or lay off the risk of ownership, consider a sale leaseback with Infinity. We will purchase your railcars and structure a lease with terms targeted to meet your needs.
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    Private Lease Acquisition

    Infinity has a long history of executing large single and bundled lease acquisitions with banks and equipment owners. Our capital base and operational structure enable market leading pricing with a rapid and discrete closing.
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    Portfolio Purchase

    Infinity has been successful in purchasing the fleets of multiple operating lessors and asset owners seeking to exit the market. Whether selling distressed assets or the entire portfolio, Infinity is a proven and respected partner that understands the process and will be there to offer superior service to your customer base and personnel.

Our Acquisitions Team

Brian Ottinger

Brian Ottinger

Chief Commercial Officer
Lee Martini

Lee Martini

Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Jon Kantor

Ken Johnson

VP of Sales & Marketing
James Weaver

James Weaver

VP of Sales & Marketing
Farouk Kolaghassi

Farouk Kolaghassi

Director, Sales & Marketing

Notable Acquisitions

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